These testimonials are from the period of 2009 onwards. They relate to property investment opportunities carried out by the directors at Crowd with Us, both before & after the inception of the Crowd with Us platform. The testimonials cannot be seen as a guarantee that you will experience the same results as they relate to a different time period and different properties and in some instances different types of investments. They are however genuine testimonials of the respective investors or property owners and their experience in working with the directors of Crowd with Us.

As a British citizen with foreign income, it is increasingly difficult for me to apply for a buy-to-let. I think CWU is a great way to diversify my portfolio.

I was surprised at how easy it was to invest. The process via the website made me feel at ease after the assessment to make sure this investment was right for me. 

I would never be able to afford a buy-to-let in London. Now I have, with all the benefits and without the hassle. I intend to invest a lump sum each year and enjoy watching my investment grow.

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I have been an investor with Crowd With Us since its inception. Back in 2010 I was a distressed seller that had a flat for sale that was not shifting. It was on the market for over a year with no takers and I was paying a hefty mortgage on it. I was introduced to one of the CWU Directors - Thor Portess, and he talked me through a ‘rent to buy’ sale process which appealed to me. Prior to him coming on board I had been dealing with huge financial stress.

Within a few months of starting the process he managed to find me a buyer for a price that I was very happy with. He took away all the worry from me but let me make all the final decisions in regards to the sale.
Since that sale and from its proceeds I have enjoyed my financial freedom in a way that was not possible previously. I have been able to be part of a charity in Nepal that is very dear to me, travel the world and focus more on my health and fitness, career as a Chiropractor and various hobbies and interests that I’m passionate about. Undoubtedly one of the best financial decisions I’ve made is to invest further with Thor and then with CWU.

From a distressed seller I have become an ‘active investor.’ To date I have participated in 15 investments, with one being in the region of 6 figures. I have introduced CWU to my family and friends who have also invested. All of us love the concept and obviously the profits that come with it! If you’re looking at investing whether it’s £1,000, £10,000 or £100,000 or more, I would highly recommend Crowd With Us - you won’t be disappointed.

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Working with Crowd with Us has been a great experience. The team come from a property background and have completed a number of developments of their own. This gives them a deep understanding of how development projects should be structured. As an experienced developer with over 16 years in the industry I’ve found them to be professional and easy to work with. Their robust due diligence process gives investors the peace of mind and confidence to invest and provides a pragmatic and well-defined framework for developers to work within when raising funds.
Working with CWU has allowed me to concentrate on delivering the project while they deal with raising the funds. The way the CWU funding process works means that, as soon as the fundraising campaign is complete, funds are ready in CWU’s client account and available to be released for use in the project as soon as their legal due diligence is completed.
If you are an experienced developer looking to raise funding for your project, I would highly recommend working with them.

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Mr. Rob Wilkinson has been a professional colleague of mine for the past seven years. I invested £50,000 with Rob and CWU in March 2014. It was the best investment decision I have made to date. So far, I have made £8000 from my £50,000 investment.
During the initial investment process, Rob was very efficient, organised and his knowledge of the property market is second to none. I also found Rob to be very approachable and any queries, concerns or questions I put to him, he was very quick to respond with a very open and honest reply.

I invested my savings with Rob because I was getting little or no returns from putting my savings into stocks and shares, set up by my financial advisor. I wanted better returns from my hard-earned savings. And now, that is exactly what I’m getting.

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I’ve known Thor Portess for almost seven years and have invested funds in a joint venture with him. I like the simple, honest approach he provides to investing - he is very ethical and will only set up a deal if it's suitable for all parties.

I’m very busy with life and my career as a business analyst, so I’ve not got time to go out there and do my own property investing.

What he offers is a rate-of-return that is far better than any bank and is safe as houses - everything is done officially and professionally. My medium-term investment with him is providing a return of over 25% per annum in monthly income and capital growth.

If you’re looking for people to invest with, I would highly recommend Crowd with Us - you’ll be investing in a deal that is both financially and morally rewarding.

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I have been investing with Thor Portess since early 2014. So far, I’ve invested in two deals, and am continuing to invest with Crowd with Us. I’ve been very happy with my experience as an investor.  Thor is very approachable, transparent, open and methodical.  He is very willing to explain the deal in as much detail as you like to hear. 

I’ve had the opportunity to attend planning meetings with EAs and development teams and also on-site visits. Thor takes the time to get to know his investors and build relationships, which makes it a great experience investing with him.

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I contacted Thor Portess having seen him present at various London property network meetings, also being aware he was a go-to guy on joint venture-type property deals. I’d invested in a number of bridging deals, and I’m always looking for investment opportunities. Thor presented an opportunity that I invested in, with the loan maturing the following year.
I’m very happy with the return I made, which was many multiples compared to what you could make in a building society. Thor structured the deal, so it was no/low risk. He is extremely detail-orientated, so you feel comfortable because it is as ‘de-risked’ as possible.
I would say, one, he knows his stuff, two, he delivers what he says he will and three, he is honest and transparent. I think you are sometimes lucky to find one of those attributes, so best to grab the opportunity when you see all 3. Based on this experience, I’d wholeheartedly recommend doing business with Thor and the people at Crowd with Us.

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Rob Wilkinson and I started working for the Saudi Royal Family on their private yachts in 2003. Over the course of the following five years working together, we became very good friends.
I was always interested in hearing about the property deals that Rob was involved in, and when an opportunity came for me to invest in 2011, I did.

Over the next three years, I invested in a large development along with several smaller properties. When the time came to settle down with my new wife in Sydney, I recalled my investment to put the money into my own family home.

The return I made was significantly more than if I had left the money in the bank or invested it myself. When my financial situation allows, I look forward to investing once again with Rob and CWU.

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Seller Testimonials

The following testimonials are from the period between 2009 to 2015 and relate to some of the sellers who the directors of Crowd with Us bought properties from.

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