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In addition to opening up the property market to all levels of investor, we decided that we would also like to run a business that is ethical and can help all levels of investors to benefit from the wealth created, and hence Crowd with Us was born.
  • Crowd with Us signs a deal with angel investors who invest into Crowd with Us platform. The goal? To build the Amazon of the property crowdfunding world!

  • Crowd with Us raises over £1 million in new crowd investment. The founders reach over £20 million of property deals crowd funded in their property journey since 2009.

  • March 2016

    Crowd with Us platform launches online

  • CWU members pass CISI Regulatory Exams

  • October 2014

    Crowd Sourcing Week Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Their goal is to become the Amazon of the property crowd-funding world. They decided to begin with matching property developers with crowd investors.

  • Using their combined skills, they wanted to draw on the power of the crowd, where investors may join together and invest in one of the greatest property markets in the world, the United Kingdom. In doing this, their mission is to empower smaller investors to access deals that are normally out of reach and to create a more conscious awareness around creating wealth for everyone.

  • On that day Thor, Robert and Rob (the latter of who was getting hitched in Reykjavík), decided they wanted to build a company that allowed everyone, not just the big hitters, to crowd fund any investment deal. They would begin with where they were already experienced; a tech platform, property developments & rescuing distressed property deals.

  • Jul 2014

    Our story is that of three entrepreneurs, from three different countries who met together in a fourth country, Iceland, and decided they wanted to change the world by helping other thousands of entrepreneurs! Ok, a bold statement you say, but it is true.

As well as being a property entrepreneur, Rob has spent a large portion of his adult life on the high seas, moving from the commercial shipping sector into private yachting and working his way up to Relief Captain on one of the world’s largest super yachts. Rob is well versed in managing large teams and projects, on land and at sea.
At just nineteen years old, Thor bought his first property back in Australia in 1998; a block of land next to the family farm he paid for from money he earned working in the mines! He left this well-paid job to travel around Europe, eventually ending up in the UK and working in construction. After four years in the construction industry, Thor began working with investors buying and developing London properties.
Finally, there is Robert Pasternak. Coming from Poland to study in London, he decided that learning a new language and studying for a degree was too easy, so he set up a pioneering online business! Starting from his bedroom and in his second year at university, with no investment, except his time, self-determination and passion; the business grew exponentially. By the third year of his studies, Robert’s professors were using him and his company as an example to other students of online entrepreneurship in business; 16 years later and the business is still going strong.
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