How it works

The Smarter way to invest in Property

The Crowd with Us platform is an online investment marketplace for carefully selected property deals. Our mission is to assist you in making profits on each and every deal and having your capital returned. And we have a 100% track record to boot!

All you need to do is select the right deal for you. Example Loan Deal below:

Loan Deals

Fixed Interest of between
per year.
CWU structures asset backed property loans, offering specified returns and a fixed redemption date.

  • You transfer money to your CWU eWallet
  • CWU then lends your funds to a borrower, for which the borrower provides security over verified UK real estate assets
  • The property company is owned by a property developer
  • The property developer will carry out the property project or development
  • Securities are held in Trust for the duration of the Loan

How do you profit from your loans?

It works very much like any other loan; you earn interest on the funds you invest. Interest may be paid:

  • Monthly
  • At the end of the loan term

Interest rates vary depending on the risk exposure or ranking within the capital stack, (First or Second Charge) in relation to other funds used by the borrower to fund the project.

CWU does not charge its investors fees for investing in any of its projects.

Loan: Due Diligence
& Risk Mitigation

Crowd with Us carries out institutional-grade due diligence on each deal.
We do due diligence on the:

  • Property developer
  • Property deal
  • Property legals by the CWU appointed lawyer

See full details in Investment Summary for each deal

Loan: Security

  • Our loans are secured via a debenture (a company charge) over the company at Companies House
  • Our loans are secured via a charge against the property title at HM Land Registry (1st or 2nd charge, depending on the ranking)
  • The Term Sheet will define the principal characteristics of the Loan
  • The company’s governance by the property developer is set out in the property company’s Articles of Association which is filed at Companies House
  • The Companies Act 2006 is the main piece of legislation which governs company law in the UK
  • Securities for each project will be held in Trust and outlined in the Security Trust Deed
  • Risk warning: secured lending on property is not risk-free. There is a risk that if the underlying borrower defaults, or if there is a delay in realising the asset, then the security may not be sold for enough to cover the loan or may result in delayed repayment of investors’ money. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

Loan: Our fees

CWU derives fees whenever you as an investor are matched to an asset-backed property deal. Here’s how it works:

Investor fees

Fundraise - None Exit - None
Property company fees*
5% fundraise fee 3% monitoring fee ** Bespoke service package fees - see Investment Summary for each deal * These fees are indicitave and may vary. Please see the Investment Summary for each deal for the specific fees relating to each deal.
** Calculated per annum based on the projected term of each deal