Why Invest

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Is now a good time to invest?

The property market in the UK represents a relatively low-risk and stable investment with high potential returns. And with the housing shortage at the forefront of the government's agenda, growth focus is firmly on the development sector.

Get started with as little as £1!

Easy, transparent and secure

  • Outstanding track record
  • CWU is an independent platform functioning on rigorous due diligence and transparency
  • Diversify your investments and spread your risk across a number of projects making property investment simple and accessible
  • Finalist in the Property Investor Awards 2019
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Bringing people together

The World Inequality Report 2018 estimates that if current trends continue, the top 0.1% will own more wealth than the middle class globally by 2050.

We think everyone should be able to share in the world's wealth.

By bringing together people like you with the big players of the property and financial markets, the Crowd with Us platform offers you the analysis and experience to reap the high projected returns of property development and investment.

Risk warning: past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Returns are not guaranteed.

How much could you make

Our ‘How it works’ section offers information on the kind of returns you might expect to see.