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We only put deals on the platform that we would invest in

Completely secure platform, in just a few clicks.
And no admin!

I’ve introduced Crowd With Us to my family and friends who have also invested. All of us love the concept and obviously the profits that come with it!

Aarti Shah, Investor

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Newsletter November 2018

The most friendly crowdfunding platform

We built this platform from years of our own property investment and development experience. Tired of the admin, back and forth, lengthy research and lack of due diligence, we knew there must be another way.

With CWU, we offer you the chance to invest in both fixed-return loan and profit share deals with no minimum investment and a monthly rental income.

  • 100% track record repaying investors’ capital and interest
  • Unrivalled rigorous due diligence process including impartial checks by CWU lawyers
  • £7.6m invested to date to projects on behalf of 189 active investors
  • Projects amounting to £141m + of GDV with over 1,000 units
  • Accessible to everyone, from those with no experience to those with lots!



  • Start investing with just £1 - no minimum investment
  • Select the deals you want to invest in
  • Diversify investments across debt and equity
  • Real time information on your investments
  • We keep things simple and we strive to make our platform accessible even to those without property expertise
Choice & simplicity
Join 9121 other CWU users:
GDV £151 million+ property projects
1043 units funded
£1.1 million repaid to investors
£9.5 million lent to facilitate profitable property projects
100% payback record
The most friendly crowdfunding platform - plus great returns
Process, Risk, Team

Secure and fast platform

  • Rigorous, impartial due diligence process
  • All deals vetted by our by our experienced and expert underwriting team
  • Independent and impartial marketplace
  • Transparent information on the deal and developer
  • Sign up and get going in just a few clicks
  • Risk warning: secured lending on property is not risk-free. There is a risk that if the underlying borrower defaults, or if there is a delay in realising the asset, then the security may not be sold for enough to cover the loan or may result in delayed repayment of investors’ money.


  • The business has deployed £7.6m to projects on behalf of 189 active investors
  • The funds deployed have facilitated projects amounting to £141m + of GDV with over 1,000 units
  • Crowdfunding is a regulated activity in the UK and each country across the world has specific regulations regarding the adoption of crowdfunding
  • CWU democratises the world of property investment whilst educating and empowering its customers
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