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What is AutoInvest

  • AutoInvest

    • 1. What is AutoInvest?

      AutoInvest is an investment product which allows investors to automatically invest in projects which meet their investment criteria, and in doing so, diversify funds across projects which launch on the CWU platform.
    • 2. How do I set up my AutoInvest account?

      Login > go to Your Account > Your Account > Settings > AutoInvest

      There are 4 types of AutoInvest available, these are:

      Bank Transfer: This is an on demand direct debit which enables investors to set AutoInvest criteria to automatically add funds to their accounts prior to a fundraise going live.
      Funds in your wallet: Enables investors to set AutoInvest criteria for funds they’ve already added to their eWallets.
      Regular Direct Debit: Investors are able to set a regular direct debit to add funds to their AutoInvest account which will be invested according to their pre-selected criteria.
      AutoReinvest: Selecting this option, investors are able to set criteria for AutoInvest funds returning to their accounts. Choices include reinvesting just the capital or the capital and interest. Investors may also choose to automatically reinvest dividend payments from equity projects and referral fees.

      Step-by-step instructions:
      1. Log into the platform and select 'Your Account' in the top right hand corner
      2. Select 'Your Account' from the dropdown menu
      3. Choose 'Settings' from the tabs along the top of the newly loaded page
      4. Select 'AutoInvest' from the options along the left hand side of the screen
      5. Choose 'Funds in your ewallet' or any other option
      6. Enter the amount you’d like to AutoInvest
      7. The next option gives you the option to split this across multiple projects, i.e. 20% would mean the AutoInvest amount would be split amongst 5 projects, whereas 100% would mean all of the AutoInvest amount would be invested into the next project that meets your investment criteria.
      8. Lastly select the minimum return and maximum loan term you’re happy with and follow the on screen instructions to confirm your selection.
    • 3. How does it work?

      Once you have activated AutoInvest within your account, our algorithm will ensure your AutoInvest funds will be lent towards the projects launched on the CWU platform which meet your pre-selected investment criteria. A percentage of each loan will be allocated to AutoInvest; your investment amount will depend on your account specifications, the number of AutoInvestors and the amount of the project available to AutoInvest funds.
    • 4. Who is eligible to set up AutoInvest?

      You are eligible to set up AutoInvest if you are CWU standard account holder.
    • 5. Can I register for AutoInvest without also registering for Auto Reinvest?

      Investors are able to set their preferences to utilise either of these arrangements jointly or in isolation.
    • 6. Can I delete a pledge from my AutoInvest account?

      Yes, you will be notified by email when a pledge has been created by AutoInvest. You have a 24-hour cooling off period following pledge creation to notify us if you would like to opt out and delete the pledge. We are unable to delete pledges after this 24 hour period; capital and interest will be returned at the end of the loan term. Funds cannot be removed from active loans.
    • 7. Can I cancel AutoInvest?

      Yes, AutoInvest can be cancelled at any time. Any funds remaining in your account which have not been pledged to projects via AutoInvest will be available to transfer back to your manual e-wallet and invest or to withdraw. Funds that are invested into projects will be repaid to the account that they came from at the end of the loan term. Like manual lending, funds cannot be removed from active loans.
    • 8. Are there any fees?

      There are no fees associated with the AutoInvest functionality.
    • 9. If a loan does not meet my AutoInvest criteria, can I still invest in it?

      Yes, you will continue to be able to invest manually in all CWU loans.
    • 10. Will AutoInvest funds have priority over manually invested funds?

      A proportion of each loan will be allocated to auto-invest. Anyone wishing to invest manually will still be able to do so.
    • 11. Are there any differences in the way loans are managed under AutoInvest?

      No, all CWU loans follow the same process for monitoring and management.
    • 12. What is the minimum amount that can be allocated to AutoInvest?

      The minimum balance to activate the AutoInvest function is £50.
    • 13. What is the direct debit limit?

      The direct debit limit is £20 000. If you would like to invest more than £20 000, simply add funds to your e-wallet via bank transfer and set AutoInvest criteria.
    • 14. Can I pre-select AutoInvest criteria?

      Yes. When setting up AutoInvest you will need to select your investment criteria.
    • 15. Can I specify the number of loans across which I would like to spread my AutoInvest funds?

      Investors are able to specify up to 10 loans, meaning a minimum of 10% of your AutoInvest funds per loan.
    • 16. Can I automatically reinvest capital and interest returned from AutoInvest?

      Yes, by activating AutoReInvest, funds will be automatically reinvested in accordance with your pre-selected investment criteria, as and when new projects are available.